Statement for SCP in Open Working Group 7


Thank you. My name is David and I am stepping in for Juan. Sustainable consumption and production is about us, our common future. We would like to propose two areas that needs more attention.

Moving beyond voluntary initiatives we need labels that take into account ecological footprint and labour standards and disposal or closed loop mechanicisms,  developed after a process with all stakeholders involved includig local communities. The standards should include chemicals and waste with in the UN ID list and beyond through programs like the minamata convention. Performance on these labels should found the basis of incentivising sustainable goods producers and service providers over others. Such a measure will have not teeth without adequete redressal mechanicisms based in hard law. An indicator  for such an initiative would be the percentage of goods and services that go through this process of being labeled through an accessable, prarticipatory and transparent process. The target is 100%.
We would like to dig even deeper to another point that forms the physial  tangible change that SCP is to produce. Absolute de-coupling is failing.
Although politically appealing, such a position is unscientific – and de-coupling a myth unless we place biophysical caps on both the extraction of virgin resources and transformation of biodiversity into economic capital. If our discussion today is to be taken serious we require a questioning of economic growth in already affluent areas. If de-coupling is suggested during todays meeting, we suggest the co-chair or anyone else that is present to mention it’s practical  impossibility, unless the bigger question of gdp maximising and over consumption is answered
Level of absolute de-coupling is the indicator. within one Planet’s ecological footprint the target. We reach out to the leaders today to save some parts of the world for your children and grand children. How this is addressed sets the road forward. Thank you.
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