Afternoon Intervention on SCP- 8th January

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Thank you very much Mr. Co-Chair for this opportunity to present our views to the member states. You asked us to come up with some specific proposals and we would like to add three issues. 

SCP will remain only a concept unless we implement caps on resource extraction and bio diversity liquidation within the bio physical limits of the planet, as part of an appropriate cap, auction and trade mechanism, that leaves room for rights based allocations also.
Ecological tax reform that shifts the collection base to the extraction and exploitation of natural resources instead of taxing the upcycled added value will form a part of the solution. 
Education for sustainable development. The integration of sustainable development should not be limited to school curricula but developed as a part of a shift in populations’ desires and organizational behaviors. A target for integrating ESD in all education levels and communities, whilst harnessing Indigenous knowledge and empowering knowledge sharing, is vital in achieving a transformative shift. 
Thank you very much Mr. Co-Chair


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