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This is the page for the Major Group of Children and Youth. For the organisation Children and Youth International (which is the charitable Educational, training and financing organisation of the MGCY) please go here

Organising Partners

The Organising Partners are elected for a two year term each by people active in the UN Major Group Children and Youth. There role is to facilitate the work of the UNMGCY, coordinate the training activities. Money is handled by Children and Youth International of which all the Organising Partners become ex-ofecio members of the board along with other members elected on the recommendation of the outgoing board at each Annual Meeting.

There are currently 4 Organising Partners with Children and Youth International taking the role of supporting the transition with an extended mandate. In 2015 there will be further elections for three more Organising partners to make a total of six Organising Partners.

The Organising Partners can be reached at and questions should be directed to them all together.

Children and Youth International (2011 – 2015)


Represented by Aashish Khullar


Restless Development
(2014 – 2016)


Represented by Sarah Haynes


European Youth Forum
(2014 – 2016)


Represented by Stephanie Beecroft

EYF Board and Secretariat, Brussels. Copyrights 2014

Pacific Youth Council
(2014 – 2016)


Represented by Tahere Siisiialafia


Task Force Coordinators

Task Forces lead out thematic work they cover the areas of the work that the UNMGCY acts as the Major Group within.

Each Task Force our work is coordinated by two Task Force Coordinator, one Coordinator is co-nominated by Children and Youth International and become a Deputy Organising Partner  the other coordinator is selected by the Task Force themselves.

Due to elections that have just taken place for the Organising Partners new nominations from both Children and Youth International and the Task Forces themselves will take place over the next few months.

The Task Force coordinators can all be contacted by email or individually by emailing each of the coordinators.

Governance and the High Level Political Forum

Post -2015  and Sustainable Development Policy Sustainable Consumption Production Patters Small Island Developing States

Disaster Risk Reduction

Deputy Organisation Partner and Board member of Children and Youth International

lloyd_GA2012(Lloyd Russell-Moyle)

lloyd_GA2012(Lloyd Russell-Moyle) David(David Collste) karuna(Karuna Rana)


(Tam Hoang)

Co-facilitator of the Task Force

World Futures Council


(Chris Bradford)

Sustain USoli(Oli Maisonet-Guzmán) Commonwealth Youth CouncilHusni(Husni Mohamed) Commonwealth Climate Change Youth NetworkKelvin(Kelvin Anthony)

International Federation of Medical Student Associations


(Moa Herrgard)


Working Group Coordinators

Out internal work is carried out in Working Group. Members can ask to set up a Working Group in a Facilitation Call and we have a number of groups that currently meet. The Finance and Legal issues are handled by the board of Children and Youth International.

 Communications & Outreach Children Governance & Renewal Elections

MGCY Design Team

(Ji-Sung Kim)

SOS Children’s’ Villages


(Sofia Garcia-Garcia)

Restless Developmenthannah(Hannah Smith) International Women’s Health Coalitionsarah(Sarah Gold)

Website upgrades and management

(Lloyd Russell-Moyle)

Pax Romana – IMCS


(Christopher Dekki)

World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scoutshilliary
(Hilary Clauson)

All Working Group & Task Force Coordinators and Organising Partners can be contacted at