Registration and Information for the 1st Post-2015 negotiations


Please see the registration for the Preparatory Forum and Negotiations bellow.

Please complete all the forms so that you are both registered and also that the MGCY is able to support you and your attendance. Please remember if you are on the “” list then all correspondence on Post-2015 will come via the “” list only and you can subscribe here:!forum/post2015

The draft programmes and registration links for the post-2015 preparatory forum for major groups and other stakeholders, to be held on 16 January, and the first post-2015 negotiating session, to be held from 19-21 January, are now available on:


The UN MGCY does not offer funding or access to the UN Buildings (the links for access is below in the “UN Forms” and funding is now closed), but we will be coordinating children and youth and their organisations on the ground in New York, offer training before the event and opportunity for speaking at each of the events. Therefore registration with UN MGCY is advised.

Please Complete the UN MGCY registration form: 


Stakeholder Preparatory Forum – 16 January 2015, New York


To register, please click here (deadline 12 January 2014).


The draft proposed agenda is available here:

DESA-DSD and UN-NGLS are coordinating a preparatory forum for major groups and other civil society stakeholders to be held on Friday, 16 January, in advance of the 19-21 January negotiating session on the post-2015 development agenda.

1st Post 2015 Negotiations – 19 Jan 2015 – 21 Jan 2015, New York


Major Groups and Other Stakeholders can register to take part.

If you have a valid UN Grounds Pass (Annual or Temporary), you do NOT also need a Special Event Ticket to attend this event. Your UN Grounds Pass will enable you to attend the event. UN Ground Passes can be issued by ECOSOC registered NGOs and will enable you greater access.

If you do not possess a UN Grounds Pass, please apply for a Special Event Ticket by completing the form below no later than 12 January 2014. UN-NGLS will send you a confirmation email by 14 January. Tickets will be issued in accordance with capacity for civil society participation in the session.



Other documents

Side events

Side Events organized by Member States, major groups and international organizations will be held during the first meeting of the Post- 2015 negotiations process, 19 – 21 January 2015.

If you are interested in organizing a side event, please follow the guidelines for organizers, which are accessible from the right side of this page.

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