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MBC (Moonhwa Broadcasting Center) is one of the biggest broadcasting cooperation in the Republic of Korea. MBC held the DMC (Digital Media Center) Festival for 3days, as from 8th to 10th September 2015. It invited NGOs, Private Cooperation and International organizations to advertise themselves within its premises. Over 50 organizations participated, including UN-Habitat, UNICEF and Goodneighbors. It had been opened for a week and approximately 200,000 people attended.

For UN-HABITAT, YouthNow supporters organized the event and promoted UN-Habitat’s role and projects. YouthNow is a group of youth volunteers who teamed up to support UN-Habitat staff on the ground in promoting UN-Habitat. This they did by preparing lots of events to share the vision, mission and goals/objectives of UN-Habitat and measures the agency has put in place through the Youth Unit to advocate for youth engagement in sustainable urban development; this include Youth Fund grant, one-stop centers among others. Through the event, many people realized and appreciated the role of UN-Habitat and the part the youth can play in attaining them.


With LOTTE Department Store, one of the major department store in Korea, the UN-Habitat organized a contest, called “the Lotte Window – Charlotte Peace Designer”(hereinafter, referred as the Lotte Windos). Lotte Window is part of the Youth Fund Programme in UN-Habitat, Youth Unit. The Youth Unit through the Youth Fund Programme selects and funds around thirty youth-led organizations every year with a maximum grant of USD 25,000.

The Lotte Window was implemented under the theme of Peace and Development through Arts and Culture by the UN-Habitat. One and a half month time period, from 1st August to 15th September 2015, was allocated for interested groups to submit their applications. A total of 41 youth-led organizations, 24 and 17 proposals from Korea and Vietnam respectively, applied. A total of 10 youth-led groups were selected from Korea and Vietnam with 5 groups coming from each country (see the table below for more information).

These youth-led groups will perform their own projects for 4 months starting from November 2015 to March 2016. During the execution of the project, UN-Habitat Vietnam will help to monitor the projects in Vietnam and Urban Youth Academy (Partner of UN-Habitat youth unit in Korea) will co-ordinate the projects in Korea to enable them realize their objectives. All the projects will be done by March 2016 and the one that will have applied best practices will be announced and rewarded. Furthermore, it will also get support from UN-Habitat and LOTTE Department to sustain its own projects. The Lotte Window – Charlotte Peace Designer will be one of the major initiatives for promoting peace and development in the world by engaging the youth through Arts and Culture.

10 Youth-led groups list:

Group Keywords Theme
KOREA DREAM ARTIST Defectors, Musical Unification movement through the musical
KISSA Engagement, Foreign students, music Music busking for the charity
K-Arts University Film and Gallery Figuring out the peace and development through the film
OOZE Fashion, Design, Disabled Fashion Design with disabled people
Person+earl North Korean, Education, Gallery Photo class and training for North Korean Defector
Group Keywords Theme
KICODO Art, Handbook Publishing an art-book (Photos & Sketches) to reflect the change of space from past to present in Phong Nam ancient village.
LISTEN BY EYES Filmmaking, Deaf Filmmaking project for Deaf people in order to build cultural bridge between Hearing world and Deaf world through Cinema.
COLOUR THE WORLD Art, Slip-on Shoes Sending peaceful messages through making art slip-on shoes supporting some issues such as natural disaster, dioxide’s victims and Viet Nam’s War Invalids and Martyrs
UNDER SHADE TREES Urban Improvements, Kids, Creative Create beautiful Art playgrounds for kids and adults under and around the shade of trees
SING FOR JOY Music, Peace building, Choir Choral music, because of its soothing nature, is a useful tool for building peace and development in the community as it connects, harmonizes and provides people with a sense of well-being

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