14 March 2016, Prague “European Urban Youth Blast”

The United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth (MGCY), in partnership with the Czech Children and Youth Council will convene the European Urban Youth Blast (EUYB) as the part of preparation toward the Habitat III Europe Regional Meeting (Regional Meeting).
Habitat III Europe Regional Meeting “European Habitat” will involve a wide range of participants, that will debate regional priorities for the New Urban Agenda, and policy recommendations in the form of a final regional participants’ declaration. The “European Habitat” is focusing on the region of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe consisting of 56 Member States, while participation is open for all.

The UN MGCY, as the officially mandated space for young people to engage in Habitat III and other UN policy processes, is pleased to open the call for registration in the EUYB.

The EUYB will bring the young people from all over the Europe and other regions as well as Czech Republic to voice the needs of young people and to discuss the commitment we make. All outcomes will be feed into the European Youth Position will be drafted by the UNMGCY, which will be directly shared and communicated in the Europe and Others Regional Meeting held on 16-18th March, 2016.

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Europe Flyer

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European Urban Youth Blast Flyer


The European Urban Youth Blast (EUYB) will be held prior to the Europe High Level Regional Meeting for Habitat III (Regional Meeting), which will take place on 16-18 March. The EUYB will provide a regional space for “Europe and Others” youth to articulate urban priorities, solutions and commitments and to enhance youth engagement in the Habitat III process in general. The short summary of EUYB is provided below:
Held in Prague, 14 March 2016 prior to the Regional Meeting, which will take place on 16-18 March;
Organized by the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth, hosted by the [University Name], and supported by Czech Children and Youth Council, AIESEC Czech and other multi-stakeholder partners including youth organizations, civil society, and knowledge institutions;
One day of a highly interactive program, consisting of opening and closing plenary sessions, smaller sessions (media & advocacy trainings, workshops) and thematic debates on urban issues and solutions;
For up to [100-200] participants from the region “Europe and Others,” with participation from other regions;
Provide opportunities to learn how to engage in UN processes, especially Habitat III, through the UN MGCY, and to advocate for priorities of young people toward the New Urban Agenda.

This document outlines key information on the objectives, background, contents, target participants, partners and support for the proposed EUYB.

EUYB seeks to achieve the following objectives:
To facilitate and articulate youth priorities in the sustainable urban development landscape;
To demonstrate the ability of youth to be effective partners in policy design, implementation, monitoring, and review;
To strengthen voices of “Europe and Others” youth in the regional and global urban dialogue toward the New Urban Agenda;
To provide young people with a space to gather and network as to establish partnerships among them and with other stakeholders and governments.

The United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development – Habitat III is to take place