Habitat III Intergovernmental Open-Ended Informal Consultative Meetings

The United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth has participated in the “Habitat III Open-Ended Informal Consultative Meetings”.

During the course of discussion, the Major Groups and Other Stakeholders were able to make interventions together with the Member States.

The UNMGCY featured here: http://www.iisd.ca/habitat/3/oeicm/28apr.html

All statements are available below corresponding to session we intervened.

Day 1
Session 1: Overview of Key Recommendations and Information on H III Zero Draft
Session 2: Regional Preparations

Day 2
Session 1: Leave no one behind, urban equality and poverty eradication
Panel A: Policy Unit 1- Right to the City and Cities or All
Panel B: Policy Unit 2- Socio-Cultural Urban Frameworks
Session 2:
Panel A- Policy Unit 10- Housing Policies
Panel B- Thematic Meetings- Public Space, Informal Settlements, Civic engagement

Day 3
Session 1: Sustainable and Inclusive Urban Growth, Prosperity and Opportunities For All
Panel A- Policy Unit 7- Urban Economic Development Strategies
Panel B- Policy Unit 9- Urban Services and Technology
Session 2: Ecological and Resilient Cities and Human Settlements
Panel A- Policy Unit 8- Urban Ecology and Resilience
Panel B- Thematic Meeting- Sustainable Energy

Day 4
Session 1: Establishing a Supportive National, Regional and Local Framework
Panel A-Policy Unit 3- National Urban Policies
Panel B- Policy Unit 4- Urban Governance, Capacity and Institutional Development
Session 2: Strategic and Integrated Planning and Management of Urban Spatial Development
Panel A- Policy Unit 6- Urban Spatial Strategies: Land Market and Segregation
Panel B-Thematic Meeting- Metropolitan Areas – Thematic Meeting- Intermediate Cities

Day 5
Session 1- Enhancing Financing and Other Means of Implementation
Panel A- Policy Unit 5- Municipal Finance and Local Fiscal Systems
Panel B- Thematic Meeting- Financing Urban Development
Session 2- Follow-up and review of the New Urban Agenda


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