UN Processes

United Nations Processes and Frameworks

The primary avenues write my essay to engage in the UN are the different intergovernmental and policy frameworks, and their associated processes. Each process/framework has a corresponding working group with in the UN MGCY. You can engage in one or all of them. The frameworks are listed write my essay below:

Intergovernmental Processes

High Level Political Forum 


 Learn more about our engagement HERE

Agenda 2030

sdgs-list-enLearn more about our engagement HERE

Disaster Risk Reduction

United Nations World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction
WCDRR-2Learn more about UN MGCY DRR WG-HERE

Small Island Developing States 

United Nations Conference on Small Island Developing States


Learn more about the UN MGCY SIDS WG- HERE

Housing and Sustainable Urban Development

Habitat III: 3rd UN conference on housing and Sustainable Urban Development
Habitat Arrows-Verticle

Learn more about the UN MGCY Habitat III WG- HERE

Financing for Sustainable Development

International Conference on Financing for Development and the Intergovernmental Committee of Experts on Sustainable development Financing

Learn more about the UN MGCY FfD WG- HERE

Sustainable Consumption and Production 

10 Year Framework of Programs on Sustainable Consumption and Production
10yfpLearn more about the UN MGCY SCP WG- HERE

 World Humanitarian Summit

World Humanitarian Summit, the ECOSOC Humanitarian Affairs Segment,

Click Here for the Policy from our World Humanitarian Summit Working Group.

Learn more about the UN MGCY WHS Working Group- HERE

Oceans/SDG 14 Conference

United Nations Conference to Implement SDG 14- The Oceans Conference


Learn more about the UN MGCY Oceans/SDG 14 Work  HERE

Science Policy Interface

Technology Facilitation Mechanism, and the Science Policy Interface

TFMLearn more about the UN MGCY Youth SPI Platform HERE

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development 

United Nations Conference on Trade Development


Climate Change (UNFCCC)

United Nations Framework Convention Convention on Climate Change unfccclogo_1

Environmental Assembly (UNEA)

 United Nations Environmental Assembly


Other Engagement Avenues

In addition to the formal intergovernmental processes at the UN, we are formally engaged in other avenues with the UN. These are:

UN InterAgency Network on Youth Development


Office of the Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth


ECOSOC Youth   Forum 

United Nations Economic and Social Council Youth Forum


UN Youth Delegates

United Nations Official Youth Delegates Program


Permanent Forum on Youth/Youth 21


International Co-Ordination of Youth Organisations


My World – Global Survey


World We Want – Global Discussion


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