Science Policy Interface-Technology Facilitation Mechanism


What is the UN MGCY Youth Science-Policy Interface Platform?

UN MGCY SPI- HeaderStrengthening youth policy and practice in sustainable development by equipping our generation with tools to drive empirically-informed, context-specific, and fit-for-purpose change through science, technology, engineering, innovation, and data.

  • Establishing collaborations and partnerships between UN MGCY and science/engineering/technology groups/platforms focusing on the follow up and implementation of the science-policy interface for sustainable development and related capacity building.

  • Promote an evidence-based, data-informed approach to sustainable development policy

  • Facilitating a youth science-policy dialogue at local, regional, and global levels in order to create linkages between sustainable development frameworks, identify emerging issues, and develop appropriate solutions.

  • Educating and equipping youth with the tools to drive resilient sustainable development change and effective science communication for appropriate policy and societal impact.

What is the Science-Policy Interface?

Provides the foundation for evidence-based policies, facilitates the use of science/technology as enablers in policy implementation and review, and provides a unique scientific lens into monitoring impact. Bridging gaps between science and policy is integral to identifying emerging trends, drawing links between the interconnected nature of thematic issues, and devising solutions to address challenges and barriers to progress. Living in an increasingly sociotechnical world, locally-informed and context-appropriate applications of science and technology are crucial in ensuring long-term resilience of development efforts. This has been reflected through the UN Secretary General’s Scientific Advisory Board, adoption of the Technology Facilitation Mechanism (TFM), and numerous other efforts to enhance the SPI within different UN entities and fora.

Latest News

Keep updated on the latest news about our engagement in the proceedings of the Science Policy Interface HERE and the Youth Commission’s site HERE

Focal Point

Participation in this crosscutting Process/framework is facilitated through a coordination team of 17 focal points, including one over all focal point
Donovan Guttieres

Donovan Guttieres
World Federation of Engineering Organisations- Young Engineers Future Leaders Committee                                 Global Poverty Initiative @ MIT